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  • Any tips for product browsing?

    In our upcoming brand new menu, you can browse through product categories quite easily. As for using the search bar, you can type in any keyword and it will find relevant items for you: Brand Health concern Ingredient Keyword Vegan, organic, gluten free, dairy free, etc. and many more!
  • Can I request a product not found in your website?

    We are always looking to add more great products in our shop. If ever you want something not found in our store, or would like to suggest a brand or specific product, please don't hesitate to message us. We'll do our best to acquire stock of that product at a great price.
  • How do I know the expiry dates of the products?

    Kindly message us and we'll inspect the expiry dates of the products you want to check.We always make sure our stock is fresh and in case a product has a short expiry date, we will inform you about it. Currently, we are working to provide expiry dates in each respective product page.
  • When will you restock your product?

    Usually, we restock within 1 week. In rare cases, it might take up to a month.To have a more accurate estimation, kindly call or message us.